Lincoln Project DOXXES Trump Lawyers, Incites Attacks Against Them

( The so-called “conservative” Lincoln Project, an organization that dedicated millions of dollars to help defeat President Donald Trump and elect radical Democrat Joe Biden, used its large Twitter following to dox the identity, email addresses, and phone numbers of lawyers representing the president. In a post, the group posted the names and contact details while encouraging people to “make them famous.”

The “make them famous” line encouraged users to share the details as widely as possible. Combined with a skull and crossbones emoji, it was pretty clear that the Lincoln Project wanted to scare the lawyers.

Twitter eventually deleted the tweets, in a rare instance of the social media platform fairly applying its rules against inciting violence or harassments. This publication also refuses to share any further details of the tweet, so as not to continue the spread of the lawyers’ contact details.

The so-called Republican group, which campaigned to help far-left Democrats win the presidency and Senate, may have been attempting to stop the lawyers from assisting the president in going to the Supreme Court over serious matters relating to possible voter fraud.

In another tweet, the Lincoln Project indicated that they would also begin harassing or scaring clients of the two attorneys representing the president. When one user said, “go after clients. Hit them in the billings,” the Lincoln Project responded, “Oh, we’re on it.”

Is this really about principle, or is it about vengeance and anger?

The Lincoln Project joins far-left radicals like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in taking steps to “out” the names of people who side with President Donald Trump during legal efforts to ensure the legitimacy of the election. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted last week that there should be a list of people who support the president, which prompted a response from activists who had formed the “Trump Accountability Project.”

The project involved listing people who supported the president’s legal efforts to investigate potential voter fraud.

Jake Tapper of CNN also warned Trump supporters that there would be consequences, including losing their jobs, for supporting the president.

Suddenly Joe Biden’s call for “unity” and “healing” doesn’t sound so honest, do they?