Liberal Polling Now Shows Joe Biden Is Dropping Like A Rock

( A brand new YouGov and Economist poll just showed how roughly one-third of the American people are not feeling so sure about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, despite President Joe Biden’s insistence that they are safe and that people should be required to take them.

Even the friendliest of polls show that President Joe Biden is not a popular president, amidst yet more crises.

The poll also showed that those same people do not plan to take the vaccine, even as the federal and various local governments across the country plan to implement new schemes designed to discriminate against people who do not wish to take the vaccine.

Interestingly, the poll also asked people about their experience being vaccinated, funding that one in five people who took the shot experienced side effects. It also showed how most unvaccinated Americans said that there is absolutely nothing that the government can do to make them get vaccinated. They said that even an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, full FSA approval, or even a pastor would not be able to convince them to take the vaccine.

It’s a terrifying thought, not because people should be forced to take the vaccine, but because people not taking the vaccine is likely to push President Joe Biden to crack down even more.

Soon enough, more places will be taking New York City’s approach…which is to deny access to businesses, indoor dining, gyms, and entertainment venues to people who have not taken the vaccine.

It comes as the Real Clear Politics average shows a significant shift in Biden’s approval ratings, with people telling pollsters more and more that they disapprove of the job the aging president is doing.

Some 59% of Biden’s voters say that they strongly approve of his handling of COVID-19 so far, which means 41% don’t.

That’s a lot of Democrats.

Biden’s approval rating is also sitting at only 47% – with 46% saying that they do not like the president. Given the “Shy Trump” effect, whereby Trump supporters do not respond to pollsters, those numbers could in reality be even worse for President Biden.

And we’re meant to believe this guy won the most votes than any other presidential candidate in history?