Liberal Host Launches Angry Attack Against The Constitution

( Lawrence O’Donnell, one of MSNBC’s dumber primetime hosts, blamed the Constitution for allowing “the stupidest president in history” to nominate three Supreme Court justices.

This is the modern American Left. If the Constitution prevents them from getting their way, they blame the Constitution. Leftists do the same when they whine about a Republican president “losing the national popular vote” as if the “national popular vote” was actually a thing.

During his show, “The Last Word” on Monday night, Lawrence O’Donnell went on a typical “The world is coming to an end” tear over the Supreme Court possibly overturning Roe v. Wade. Calling former President Donald Trump “the stupidest man who has ever won the Electoral College,” O’Donnell blamed “the corruption of the Constitution” for Trump getting to nominate three conservative justices.

O’Donnell claimed that the Constitution is a “much weaker document than we thought” and blasted Mitch McConnell for refusing to follow this weak document when he refused to give Obama “advice and consent” on his final SCOTUS nominee (AKA Merrick Garland).

Pretty sure McConnell’s “advice” to Obama was “No.”

Then O’Donnell turned his focus on McConnell, claiming that his refusal “set up the stupidest president in history to appoint one-third of the Supreme Court.”

The huffy know-nothing then declared this “corrupting the Constitution.” He concluded that now this “constitutionally corrupted Supreme Court is working on a draft opinion” to “revoke a constitutional right.” And, he points out, only one of the conservative justices was appointed by a Republican who won the national popular vote (ah, yes, there’s that old chestnut).

What a deeply ignorant drama queen.

If you enjoy watching stupid leftists lose their minds, you can see the clip HERE.