Liberal “Fact-Checker” Busted Inventing Fake Scandal

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Junior and his brother Eric both shared links to a Breitbart story reporting that the daughter of Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the case against their father, once worked for the Biden/Harris campaign.

The accompanying featured image used in the Breitbart report included a photo of the daughter posing with her father.

The Trump boys sharing the linked photo outraged Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, who accused the Trumps of trying to intimidate Judge Merchan by posting photos of his daughter online.

Sharing screen captures of the Trump brothers’ tweets, Kessler said on Twitter that both of the former president’s sons “posted photos of the judge’s adult daughter.” He insisted that their tweets were “totally irrelevant” and suggested that it was an obvious attempt to intimidate the judge in their father’s case.

Eric Trump has since deleted his tweet featuring the Breitbart story. However, Donald Trump Junior’s tweet remains on Twitter.

In sharing the Breitbart story, Don Junior said it “seems relevant” that there is another Democrat Party connection to the “show trial” against his father.

In his now-deleted tweet, Eric Trump claimed that the Breitbart story proves that the judge was “hand-picked” and “pre-arranged.”

Contrary to Kessler’s claim, they did not post photos of Judge Merchan’s daughter. They shared a link to a Breitbart story that included the photo as the feature image. Neither Don Junior nor Eric Trump could control the feature image that accompanied the Breitbart story.

Media columnist Joe Concha of The Hill was quick to point out on Twitter that both Trumps linked to a news report that had already put the photo “into the public domain.” Despite that, Concha added, Kessler “cropped that part out,” adding “Why is that?”

Kessler later added a second tweet explaining that he cropped out the photos in the screen captures “so as not to spread the image further.”