Lawmaker Accused By Husband Of Using Wife In “Group” Illicit Acts

An influential Republican state senator is being sued on allegations that he used his influence to force one of his married staffers to have an affair with him.

Speaker of the House in North Carolina, Tim Moore, is the defendant in a lawsuit filed by Scott Lassiter. He alleges that Moore exploited ‘his position’ to attract his wife into an affair that lasted three years.

Former Apex City councilor Lassiter claims that his cheating wife, Jamie, admitted to having an affair while working as executive director of the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court.

According to the complaint, Jamie claimed that she engaged in “group sex with other individuals seeking Tim Moore’s political favor” and “implored” her husband to allow it to continue so that she would not lose her career.

Lassiter is seeking $200,000 in damages for the ruin of his marriage, which both Jamie and Moore have denied.

Jilted spouses in North Carolina have one of the few legal avenues for seeking compensation for harm done to their relationship.

‘Alienation of affection’ lawsuits can be brought in five other jurisdictions. 

The complaint claimed that Moore, a divorcee, had enticed Lassiter’s wife and had convinced her to engage in demeaning activities to gratify his wants.

On the evening of December 21, when his wife told him she was having dinner with a female friend, Lassiter acknowledged having spied on their conversation at the steakhouse where she and Moore were dining.

According to Lassiter, she admitted to having an affair but pleaded with him to let her keep it going when he confronted her.

Lassiter said he confronted Moore about the affair five days later in a Raleigh restaurant when Moore made him an offer and acknowledged the affair.

According to the evidence presented in court, Jamie and Moore maintained their romance into 2023.

Moore, who has been a representative in the state assembly since 2003 and the Speaker since 2015, has refuted the allegations against him.