Lauren Boebert Reveals What Was Said In Bathroom Showdown

( Last week, Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert revealed the details about a confrontation she had with her Republican colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene in the bathroom during the House speaker election in early January.

During the Speaker battle, Marjorie Taylor Greene backed former President Trump’s endorsed candidate Kevin McCarthy while Boebert was among the 20 Republican hold-outs who refused to support McCarthy’s campaign. The two Congresswomen routinely sparred on Twitter during the contentious fight.

Boebert appeared on Dana Loesch’s “The Dana Show” last Wednesday where she was asked what went on in the Congressional women’s bathroom.

Boebert said she was in the restroom with Florida Republican Anna Paulina Luna, another GOP hold-out, discussing the concessions they wanted from Kevin McCarthy when Marjorie Taylor Greene came up to them and started “being kind of nasty about it.”

Boebert explained to Loesch that her other Republican colleagues had been “very professional” rather than nasty. She described how “organized” the debate over the Speaker had been, telling Loesch that all of the members of Congress were present during debates and were “engaging in conversations” with relationships “being built and strengthened on both sides of the aisle.”

So when Marjorie Taylor Greene started in on her, Boebert said she told Greene not to be “ugly.”

Loesch pointed out that the media portrays Boebert and Greene as close friends, asking Boebert if that was the case.

Boebert admitted that they share similar policy views and travel in the same circles, but dismissed the idea that the two are close friends.

Continuing with her story, Boebert reiterated that she told Greene, “Don’t be ugly,” adding that this was what her grandmother used to say to her when she was “being a brat.”

Loesch added that “don’t be ugly” is “the most inoffensive thing you could say.” She said it sounded like the Colorado version of “bless your heart.”