Lauren Boebert Calls Kamala Harris’ Gender Pronoun Usage “Idiotic”

( Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, ridiculed Vice President Kamala Harris for starting a meeting with her gender pronouns.

On the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Harris met with disability groups to examine the impact of Roe v. Wade. The vice president opened the discussion by describing her pronouns and appearance. Others introduced themselves using pronouns and a description, possibly for the visually challenged.

“I want to greet these leaders for coming to tackle some of our most serious concerns,” Harris stated. “I’m Kamala Harris. My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her.’ I’m a woman in a blue suit.”

It is unclear how identifying the color of one’s clothes, as opposed to describing one’s face, is critical information for the blind.

After hearing this strange display, Boebert tweeted that the vice president’s use of pronouns and reference to herself as a woman “in a blue suit” was “idiotic.”

“Kamala Harris just used she/her pronouns,” Boebert tweeted. “She then said she was a ‘lady’ in a blue suit at the table. It’s what happens when your speechwriter quits, and you hang out with Geriatric Joe too long.”

“When you use pronouns to introduce yourself, I assume anything you say after is idiotic,” she continued.

Harris’ pronouns and physical description were also published by the RNC Research Twitter account, which aims to “expose the falsehoods, hypocrisy, and failing far-left policies of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.”

Boebert wasn’t the only Republican to ridicule Harris’ entrance and appearance. Ted Cruz of Texas snarkily tweeted, “What’s a woman?” (A reference to the left’s inability or refusal to define the word “woman.”)

Others criticized Republicans for ridiculing an inclusive opening, saying they were rude to persons with impairments.

Matthew Cortland, a disability rights lawyer and Data for Progress senior fellow tweeted that Kamala Harris has been in the vanguard of including the disability community in the White House’s process. What she did today is great practice for disability inclusion. “Why is RNC Research ridiculing her for it? Says a lot about RNC jackasses,” he concluded.

Maybe because in a stupid attempt to be inclusive and saying she is in a blue suit, she is offensive to the color blind who cannot see blue?

During the discussion, the vice president said that Roe’s reversal would disproportionately harm those with disabilities.


“All persons with disabilities in the U.S. should have full access to reproductive care.” “But these abortion restrictions put in place by radical so-called leaders in several states will disproportionately affect persons with disabilities.”

How that is so was never explained. Perhaps she can explain in sign language.