Laura Ingraham Hammers Tim Cook And Ray Dalio For Collaborating with China

( This week, Information published a lengthy report detailing Apple CEO Tim Cook’s secret deal with China to establish strong relationships between Apple and the Chinese Communist Party. Citing both interviews and internal Apple documents, Information revealed that Tim Cook repeatedly visited China in the mid-2010s, and in 2016 secured a $275 billion deal between Apple and Beijing committing Apple to invest heavily in technology infrastructure and training in China.

Tuesday night in her opening monologue, Ingraham Angle host Laura Ingraham hammered Tim Cook and other wealthy Americans, accusing them of going against US national interests by “collaborating” with the Chinese for their own personal and corporate benefit.

She scoffed at the Biden administration’s claim that the greatest threat to the United States is “white supremacy” while completely ignoring the threat China poses to the United States both militarily and economically.

Ingraham excoriated Apple CEO Tim Cook, calling him a “CCP apologist.” She pointed out that Apple lobbied to water down the anti-slave labor bill in Congress earlier this year. That bill would bar imports of products made in China with the use of slave labor.

Ingraham then turned her attention to billionaire financier Ray Dalio who recently downplayed China’s human rights abuses and authoritarian government by telling CNBC that China is “like a strict parent.”

Ingraham blasted Dalio’s hedge fund for raising over a billion dollars for its China fund while turning a blind eye to China’s human rights abuses.

She then scoffed at President Biden’s diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, saying Beijing isn’t likely to even notice whether or not Secretary of State Blinken attends the games.

She said the US is self-censoring criticism of China, pointing out that publicly criticizing China could hurt someone’s career. Ingraham warned that this self-imposed censorship to protect China will render the First Amendment meaningless, “just like President Xi wants.”

The US embrace of China, Ingraham explained, “is the real crisis of American democracy.”

Watch Laura Ingraham’s monologue HERE.