Lara Trump: “Somebody Let Me Pretend To Be A Model Again”

( Last week, Lara Trump walked the catwalk in a blue corset dress at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser to help animals. 

Lara, Eric Trump’s wife, and the former President’s daughter-in-law wore a voluminous dress by French designer Anne Fontaine.  

The lovely Lara seemed to be having a blast as she twirled around in a circle and played up to the cameras while wearing high heels. 

“Someone let me pretend to be a model again today,” she said on social media, praising the nonprofit they were helping. 

This two-day event, hosted by Big Dog Ranch Rescue and held at the president’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida, included “wine, woMEN, and shoes.” 

“The biggest cage-free no-kill dog rescue in the United States” is how Big Dog Ranch Rescue describes itself on its web page.  

Their mission is to save pets from shelters and find permanent homes with caring people. 

The Trumps’ involvement in fundraisers to rescue dogs and Lara’s role in securing laws to combat animal cruelty, such as the ban on Greyhound racing in Florida, were both highlighted in a news statement honoring Eric’s mother, Ivana, following her passing in 2022. 

Donald Trump lavished praise on Lara, who helped organize the event, before joking that his daughter-in-law may run for the Senate someday. 

As expected, former President Trump won the straw poll at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference earlier that evening, with 62% of respondents hoping he will be the Republican Party’s candidate in 2024. 

Absent at this year’s gathering in the D.C. suburbs, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finished in second place with 20% of the vote. 

Trump’s numbers at CPAC rose from 55% in February, when he last attended, to 62% this year, while DeSantis’ numbers stayed the same. The last time the meeting was in Florida, where he resides, he polled in at 21%. 

Kari Lake, who ran unsuccessfully for governor of Arizona, received the most votes among Trump’s potential running mates.