Kim Jong Un’s Sister Says Ukraine’s President Is “Gambling”

Korean State news agency KCNA reported on Saturday that Kim Jong Un’s powerful and notorious sister Kim Yo Jong accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of being behind a petition to introduce nuclear weapons to Ukraine, according to Reuters.

Kim Yo Jong claimed that the public petition could be a “sinister plot” by Ukrainian officials in Kyiv to prolong the war against Russia and extend Zelensky’s last days in office. However, she offered no evidence for her claim.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow would be stationing tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, a public petition was filed to Zelensky’s office’s website last Thursday, calling for Ukraine to station nuclear weapons on its territory or for the country to arm itself with its own tactical nukes.

By Saturday afternoon, the public petition had fewer than one thousand signatures, falling far short of the 25,000 signatures needed for Zelensky’s office to respond. According to Reuters, officials in Kyiv have not commented on the public petition.

Kim Yo Jong called the public petition the product of a “sinister political plot” by Ukrainian authorities who are so “seized” by the “incurable megalomania” that their country can defeat Russia that they are “threatening their existence” by “incurring a nuclear disaster.”

She claimed that President Zelensky has suggested bringing in nuclear weapons from the United States or having Ukraine develop its own, which she claimed exposes Zelensky’s “dangerous political ambition” to extend his “remaining days” by “gambling with the destiny” of Ukraine.

The public petitions can be registered by any citizen of Ukraine. While there are always many petitions posted to the president’s website, few of them ever collect enough signatures to warrant a response. Even the petitions that do collect the necessary 25,000 signatures aren’t likely to come to much.