Kim Jong Un Says He’s In “Holy War” Against The West

As the Ukrainian-Russian war rages on, Vladimir Putin has received vocalized support from North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The dictator has called the war “holy” and suggested that Putin will win against the “imperialists,” referring to Western countries that have all financially and militarily supported Ukraine while sanctioning Russia and its people throughout the world. 

In his letter to the Russian president, Kim expressed his gratitude that Putin was keeping world peace, striking a very different tone for a war that Western leaders have called “an illegal invasion.” The two ostracized countries have reportedly been cooperating on a variety of issues, including trade, energy, and defense. 

Kim also offered his praise for Russia’s victory against the Nazis and suggested that they will go on to win the war against the West. The message does not come as a surprise as Russia has sought to align itself with nations that see the United States as a domineering power intent on exerting its influence. As the U.S. remains Ukraine’s number one benefactor, sending in hundreds of billions of dollars in financial aid and military equipment, Putin has reportedly said that sending Ukraine weapons will only prolong the conflict.  

In his speech during Victory Day, Putin condemned ideologies of superiority and blamed Western leaders for pitting people against one another and creating division. His speech comes as some analysts are speculating whether he should be assassinated or toppled in a coup

“The best way to create a disincentive to aggression is to make the dictators responsible pay a personal price at home,” one analyst for the defense and national security website 19FortyFive wrote, adding that this attitude will show China that they cannot mess with Taiwan. 

Many critics of the warmonger mentality will say that the U.S. has been too involved in world affairs to the detriment of American interests.