Kim Jong Un Ramps Up Threat To Europe, Vows To “End” The UK

( NORTH KOREA once said that Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons program would cause the UK to come to a “miserable end.”

North Korea’s leadership is still committed to moving forward with its nuclear weapons development. At a crucial summit recently, Kim Jong-un directed a bolstering of the nation’s defense capabilities, igniting concerns that North Korea may be preparing to send tactical nuclear weapons to its front-line artillery units. According to another source, Kim has urged his army to “go all out” in implementing the measures to strengthen the country’s military might. For North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, 2022 has been a busy year. Pyongyang has already conducted 15 bomb tests this year.

Although North Korea has a lengthy history of posing threats to Western nations, including the UK, South Korea has historically felt most at risk.

In 2017, the nation urged the UK against participating in joint US-South Korea military drills, threatening “a sad end” for the UK.

The Korean Central News Agency issued a statement calling Washington and Seoul “warmongers” and calling the yearly drills “provocative.”
The statement continued by saying that they gravely warn not only the US and the puppet gang but also satellites, including the UK and Australia, who are benefiting from the current war maneuvers against the North, that they would meet a sad end if they join in.

North Korea threatened the UK in 2020 that sanctions would result in it being “forced to pay the price.”

The financial sanctions were imposed on North Korea to punish organizations that tortured, murdered, and forced people to work in the country’s prison camps.

According to reports in Pyongyang’s state media, “the United Kingdom, a puppet of the US, perpetrated a provocation. The foreign ministry of North Korea declared that Britain’s current step is a transparent political plan to jump on the bandwagon of the United States’ antagonistic policy.

They said they vehemently oppose and strongly condemn the UK’s bold move to impose sanctions on the organizations in charge of their nation’s security since it constitutes aggressive meddling in internal matters.

Kim and his associates were even more incensed by the UK, US, and Australia security agreement last year.

According to them, it pushed the globe closer to “nuclear war.”

The US, the world’s biggest war and invasion force, is planning to provide Australia with the technologies needed to develop a nuclear-powered submarine, according to a statement from North Korea’s foreign ministry.

Kim has continued to irritate the West this year through his geopolitical alliances and missile testing.

North Korea is one of the only nations that has not condemned Russia, which is even fostering closer ties with Moscow.

This week, it was claimed that North Korea would send personnel to two eastern Ukraine regions under Russian influence.