Kim Jong Un Executes His State’s Own “Spy” For Googling Him 

( Commission for Human Rights in North Korea chairman Greg Scarlatoiu said a recent purge of special agents that are the “Big Brothers” of the state shows how the dictatorship struggles to control the flow of information entering the country. 

North Korea is often called the “hermit kingdom” owing to its seclusion from the rest of the world and the fear that permeates the isolationist demands of its weirdo leader in Pyongyang. In this paranoid atmosphere, not even the highest-ranking intelligence personnel may use the internet without special clearance.  

But, according to Mr. Scarlatoiu, even the most reliable operatives of the Kim government are now attempting to gather information from the outside world. It is challenging to keep people isolated with today’s technology. 

It’s been reported that the country’s armed forces killed a member of North Korea’s secret service after he researched ruler Kim Jong-un online. 

Bureau 10 is a secret organization that monitors both internal and external connections in the repressive regime, and its unidentified agent faces execution by firing squad for reading about the dictator from inside Bureau 10. 

Pyongyang insiders say that the individual was one of many spies who had been handed into the Ministry of State Security. The other officers, it seems, have been let go from their posts. 

It is believed that all of the intelligence officers participating in the purge at Bureau 10 are very young, having joined the organization soon after getting their degrees last year. 

According to Daily NK, they were primarily upper-level employees responsible for developing strategies for overcoming the country’s information barrier. 

The Kim family government has stayed in power through “overwhelming pressure, punishment, surveillance, and information control.” 

Scarlatoiu says the dictatorship sees the little outside news as a significant threat to its rule. 

Despite the efforts of the North Korean dictatorship, the country’s information firewall is crumbling.