Kim Jong Un Causes Speculation With New Aide

( Last week, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was seen at a public event and in the company of a mystery woman. Some people have suggested that she may be Kim’s half-sister, but her identity remains unknown.

The woman in question was seen with Kim at a parade held in Pyongyang on Friday. The footage was broadcast by the country’s state-owned Korean Central Television network, and appeared to be serving in an official role with Kim. Some speculate that she may have been working as his secretary or aide.

She was not wearing a badge, which I necessary for North Korean citizens and officials. The badge would normally feature a photograph of Kim Il Sung and King Jong Il, the father and grandfather of Kim Jong Un.

The fact that she was not wearing the pin led some South Korean news outlets to speculate whether she was actually Kim’s half-sister, Kim Sol Song. However, South Korea knows very little about her.

A spokesperson from the South Korean Unification Ministry said that no information about the mystery individual was available, but that they will be monitoring her movements in the future.

It’s not the first time that Kim Jong Un would be pictured with a female member of his family. In February, he was seen with Kim Kyong Hui, his aunt, who has not been seen in public for two years.

If this really was his sister, it could be that Kim is trying to show the country that his government – despite the many trials and tribulations his country has faced in recent years – is strong, reliable, and backed his strong family bonds.