Kim Jong Un Announces Climate Change Disaster After Floods Hit Country

( The last person you probably would have thought would be getting involved in the debate on climate change would be North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un, but apparently that’s the crazy world we’re living in now.

The authoritarian leader, known for murdering political opposition and his restrictive, isolationist policies, has publicly called on the international community to take “urgent action” to tackle climate change after a series of historic floods swept through the country and destroyed crops.

Flooding of North Korean crops couldn’t have come at a worse time, either. After more than 90% of trade with China was cut off during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, North Korea suffered a huge food shortage, leading to a starvation and poverty crisis across the country. What little food they did have available has since been destroyed, and Kim Jong Un has been left scrambling to find a solution.

While the country is certainly impoverished and hungry, it still has its nuclear weapons program and is still extremely aggressive.

During a meeting on Thursday, according to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un discussed the floods his country has seen and said that North Korea is “lying vulnerable” to the danger of climate change.

It’s not the first time that North Korea has been hit by bad weather, either. Last year the country suffered huge floods that again wiped out its vital crops, and also destroyed hundreds of family homes.

This year, the rains mostly affected northeastern North Korea and saw 1,170 homes either destroyed or total flooded. Thousands of residents were forced to flee the region, according to North Korean state TV.

Maybe Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry will take a private jet and have a meeting with Kim Jong Un about it…