Kevin McCarthy’s Top Adviser Makes Millions As A Big Tech Lobbyist

( While Kevin McCarthy works from inside the legislature to block anti-trust legislation, his principal advisor earns millions of dollars as a Big Tech lobbyist, defending the interests of corporate monopolies like Apple and Amazon.

To prevent the Ending Platform Monopolies Act from becoming law last year, McCarthy worked with his senior outside advisor, Big Tech lobbyist, and political operative Jeff Miller. The legislation was opposed by members of both parties and was historically significant anti-trust legislation.

Last year, Tucker Carlson reported that McCarthy’s top advisor had been calling GOP legislators and pleading with them not to support the anti-trust legislation that threatened to break up Big Tech.

Now that the “red wave” election he spent years anticipating has materialized as a “pink trickle,” the news piece has reappeared and is going viral on social media as McCarthy bids to become Speaker of the House once more and encounters fierce conservative opposition.

McCarthy did that after using shady Big Tech funds to sabotage America First campaigns, defend RINOs, and hand over seats to Democrats.

According to Tucker Carlson in the 2021 episode, Kevin McCarthy has been saying he’s apprehensive about the risk of Big Tech monopolies for years, and now there’s bipartisan backing to do something about it.

CarlsonnKevin McCarthy, strangely enough, opposes this anti-trust legislation. How come? Why is that so?”

Carlson responded, “We’re not sure, but let me give you one possible explanation.”

He explained that Jeff Miller is Kevin McCarthy’s senior outside adviser. He’s a registered lobbyist for Amazon and Apple, making a lot of money.

According to records, Miller’s company received more than $400,000 from Amazon Web Services in recent years.

Amazon Web Services? They are the ones who host the entire internet, and if they don’t like you because of your politics, as they did with Parler, they just turn out the lights and shut you down, ending your operation. They have already done that, and they can.

The McCarthy ally has long-standing financial ties to Big Tech. Carlson informed his audience that while McCarthy opposed anti-trust legislation on the House floor, Miller was shilling for Big Tech on the congressional phone lines. “Apple, meanwhile, has paid Miller’s firm more than $600,000 from 2019–2021,” Carlson said.

According to congressional insiders, Miller has been calling Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill to urge them not to support the House anti-trust bill. “This is the closest advisor Kevin McCarthy has,” Carlson said.

Are you surprised that Kevin McCarthy follows the instructions of his corporate clients?