Kevin McCarthy’s Long Speech Pays Off Huge Reward

( Remember when we reported on Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s record-breaking speech, which lasted over eight hours and forced the Democrats to delay the final passage of their historic, unprecedented, and dangerous spending bill?

Well, it looks like that speech is paying off – at least for him.

The California representative beat a record set previously by far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, breaking down every problem with the spending bill even though he knew it would pass. And since that speech, McCarthy has reportedly raised over $400,000 in contributions online from 18,000 people in just a matter of days.

The figures were shared by McCarthy’s team with Fox News earlier this week. They also revealed how some $17 million in donations were generated by the National Republican Congressional Committee at the recent annual fundraising dinner which was hosted in Tampa, Florida, on November 8.

It wasn’t pure luck that did it, though. A combination of McCarty’s record-breaking speech, his support from former President Donald Trump, and the fact that Trump also headlined the fundraising dinner means that people have remained interested in the work being done by the Republican Party and are donating to help take back the House and Senate next year.

In the first nine months of this year, McCarthy has reportedly generated $57.8 million in donations – and for an off-election year, that’s incredible. A new record, even.

NRCC chairman Rep. Tom Emmer said that McCarthy has been the party’s number one fundraiser for the last two cycles.

It’s good news for McCarthy for multiple reasons – not just because it helps his re-election campaign, but also because it makes it harder for Republicans to replace him as the party leader in the House…