Kevin McCarthy Will Get FBI Brief On Eric Swalwell Security Breach With Chinese Spy

( Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California pondered on Friday why the Democrats still couldn’t admit that China is an adversary to the United States, despite sending spies to infiltrate American politics.

He also said, during an interview on Fox & Friends, that he would be receiving a brief from the FBI soon on the issue of a Chinese spy potentially gaining access to sensitive information in the United States by establishing a romantic relationship with Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell.

“What do the communist Chinese have on the Democrats that is so powerful, so powerful that they focused on a person when he was a city council member, bundled money for him to become a member of Congress?” he said, before committing to continuing his fight in finding out the truth.

“I will not give up,” he said, before calling on the removal of Rep. Swalwell, also representing California, from the House Intelligence Committee.

Yes, you read that right. Rep. Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee and was recently revealed to have had a relationship with a Chinese spy.

“This person got on to the intel committee…did someone lobby for him?” McCarthy asked. “And in his first year, his committee was overseeing the CIA, and then at the same time, he ran for president.”

In case you missed the story, it centers around a Chinese national whose name is Fang Fang, but who went by “Christine” Fang in the United States. The Chinese spy presented herself as an exchange student and built relationships with several high-profile politicians, including mayors and members of Congress. She was working for the Chinese Communist Party, according to a report from Axios that came out earlier this month.

McCarthy also stressed during the interview that the issue of Swalwell’s involvement with a Chinese spy shouldn’t be a partisan matter and that Democrats should be taking national security matters like this more seriously. He also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said talking about Chinas was a “diversion.”

“We have Nancy Pelosi, who just last year said it was a diversion to focus on China. You got the Democrat armed service chair who literally sat on the floor of Congress, that it was not China’s job to warn us about the virus. You got Adam Schiff, the now chairman of the intel committee, saying it was just escalation, that it was wrong that we close that consulate of China, it raises so many more questions,” he said.

Who knows what “Christine” Fang found out during her relationship with Swalwell?

Could that be why the Democrats are silent?