Kenosha Violent Rioters Terrorize Homeowners In Residential Areas

( Not content with destroying almost all of Kenosha’s black business district, violent extremist left-wing rioters have spread out residential areas of the Wisconsin city. On Wednesday night, gangs of rioters made up of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Joe Biden supporters, harassed homeowners and families in residential areas.

Protesters honked vehicle horns, screamed, and shouted in one middle-class parts of the city. Video published by Shelby Talcott of the Daily Caller scaring families, presumably in the name of “racial justice.”

The ongoing riots and protests are no longer only motivated by the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black criminal who refused to drop his knife and resisted arrest, but now also the shooting of two violent extremists who chased and physically assaulted 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

Footage shows men chasing Rittenhouse, who was armed with a shotgun and who had traveled to the city to help defend businesses. Shots were fired by protesters as they chased Rittenhouse. When the young man fell to the ground and approached Rittenhouse, he shot and killed two men. One of the men killed, a BLM protester, happened to be a pedophile while the other had previously been convicted for violent crime.

Despite the fact that Rittenhouse acted in self defense, media outlets have already started labeling him a white supremacist (with no evidence to suggest this is true) and far-left protesters have used it as an excuse to keep rioting.

But don’t worry. The Democrats say they’re just peaceful protesters so we’re fine…