Kellyanne Conway Tries To Sabotage Steve Bannon

( Kellyanne Conway is the latest former Trump administration official to pen a tell-all book about life in the Trump White House.

In her memoir, “Here’s the Deal,” Conway is especially blistering in her attacks on fired Trump staffer Steve Bannon, calling him the “leaking dirigible” and an “unpaternal, paternalistic bore of a boor.”

Conway blamed former President Trump’s lack of political experience for Steven Bannon being hired to serve in the White House, explaining that when it came to hiring decisions and political endorsements, Trump suffers from “occasional blind spots.”

She writes that Trump’s political naivete made him “too trusting” of those who “lacked transparency or talent.” She said Trump’s lack of skepticism left him vulnerable to those who pushed the wrong candidates to endorse or the wrong White House staffers to hire.

Conway admits in her memoir that her relationship with Steven Bannon started out fine despite her finding him “a strange dude, gruff, unkempt, prone to sweeping historical assertions and bold declarations about the current state of politics.”

Talk about faint praise.

Before the 2016 election, Conway said her relationship with Bannon “got off to a promising start.” After Trump won, it was Bannon who encouraged Conway to accept a job in the Trump White House.

But once in the White House, Conway’s view of Steve Bannon changed. She said Bannon’s primary job in the Trump White House “seemed to be building his own fiefdom.” She writes that the former President’s daughter Ivanka was the one who gave Conway the heads up that Bannon was on his way out.

Bannon was fired from the White House in August 2017.

Conway’s take on the 2020 presidential election is sure to leave her former boss fuming.

In her memoir, Conway placed the blame for Trump’s loss on the Trump campaign, saying his campaign team “simply failed to get the job done.”

Conway blasts the Trump 2020 team for encouraging the former President’s claims about election fraud, arguing they did it as a way to avoid taking any responsibility for his loss.