Katie Hobbs Says Certify Her Election Or Face Felony Charges

(JustPatriots.com)- Two counties in Arizona finally certified the win for Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs, but not until the Democrat threatened legal action if they didn’t.

Hobbs, who defeated Republican challenger Kari Lake by the slightest of margins, threatened to take legal action and refer members of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors for federal crimes if they didn’t take action.

County officials there waited all the way until November 28 to vote on certifying election results in their county because of issues that had plagued Maricopa County in Arizona on Election Day. November 28 was the last day that counties in the state had to verify election results by.

Ron Gould, who serves as the county’s board chairman, said that two of the supervisors on his board in Mojave County said they only voted to certify the election “under duress” because they received warnings that if they did not certify, they’d “be arrested and charged with a felony.”

Gould said they didn’t experience any issues in Mohave County on Election Day, but they were concerned about the issues that Maricopa County had experienced. As he said during a Wednesday interview:

“We believe that Mohave County voters were disenfranchised by the problems that they had in Maricopa County. Their mistakes are bigger than our entire county vote, and I think it’s disenfranchised the rural voters across the state, not to mention that it disenfranchises Maricopa County voters and Republican voters, in particular, who are more likely to cast their ballot at the poll.

“So, any problems at the poll affect Republicans more than they would affect Democrats.”

In Cochise County, Arizona, election results weren’t verified until Thursday of this week, and only after a judge ordered officials to act. When officials in the Republican-led county finally voted 2-0 to accept the results, Arizona’s statewide certification was allowed to move forward.

Hobbs sued the county earlier in the week after two GOP members who sit on the board voted to delay the certification of the results further. At the board’s meeting on November 18, they had originally decided to postpone the final certification of votes in the county.

Cochise County ended up being the only county in Arizona that didn’t meet the certification deadline.

There were a little more than 47,000 votes cast in Cochise County, and if those votes hadn’t been counted, then the 6th Congressional District race would’ve gone in favor of the Democratic candidate. Now that the results are officially counted, Republican Juan Ciscomani will win that race to serve in the House.

Voters in the county also sided with Lake, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and is one of the most prominent election deniers in the country. She has stood by Trump’s side through it all, and many voters in Arizona still supported her — though her efforts to win the gubernatorial race fell just short.

Even after these counties certified the election in Hobbs’ favor, Lake has refused to concede the race.