Kari Lake Supporters Reenact Battle Of Jericho

(JustPatriots.com)- Far-left, anti-religion media outlets reported on a group of protestors who were very supportive of Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. They re-enacted the biblical Battle of Jericho by walking seven times around the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix while playing horns and singing “Awesome God” as votes were still being counted.

Earlier this week, Kari Lake, an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump and a believer that the 2020 election was stolen, remained in a tight battle with Democrat governor candidate Katie Hobbs. Like Trump in 2020, Lake has begun to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election and has hinted that she may not concede.

It’s within the law and her right, but the left is very upset about it.

Reports show supporters of free and fair elections gathered to support Kari Lake. While marching outside the vote counting center, several carried posters and signs claiming Hobbs and other Democrats were traitors. Their performance was modeled on the Old Testament battle detailed in the book of Joshua, in which the Israelites marched seven times around the city of Jericho and then roared and blew horns. According to the account in Joshua, the supposedly impregnable city walls crumbled, allowing the Israelites to easily enter and conquer the city.

A video clip from the march showed the marchers singing “Awesome God,” a contemporary Christian hymn written by Rich Mullins and originally released in 1988.

A supporter remarked that our nation was being flipped upside-down, which caused great concern.

Republican Arizona State Representative John Fillmore told local media that the reality is there are numerous reasons for people to be concerned.

Paul Penzone, sheriff of Maricopa County, told the media watching the event that the protesters were nonviolent and peaceful. They had a goal, stayed within its parameters, and left in a respectable amount of time.

The day must have been a big disappointment for the left-wing media. They had to be expecting a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.”