Kamala Harris’ Space Push Is A Total Mockery For America

(JustPatriots.com)- Please keep Kamala Harris, the United States Vice President, out of the Space Force.

Instead of traveling to the United States’ southern border or even Ukraine, Vice President Harris returned to California on Monday to deliver a major address at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Harris cooed that it’s thrilling to be in space!”

She used that phony-bright tone that 6-year-olds employ when they’re confronted with vegetables for supper.

She went on to say that It touches us all and links us all.

Harris stated the US would suspend destructive satellite tests, in which your rocket blasts out your old satellite in space. She announced this with Space Force service personnel arrayed behind her.

Harris said that we would not undertake these experiments because they are harmful. She then appealed to all countries, including China and Russia, to join the ban.

The peculiar thing is that the US has no intentions to destroy satellites. The first real anti-satellite test in the United States occurred in 1985. It involved an Air Force F-15 jet and a missile. The United States then fired down a malfunctioning spy satellite in 2008.

But that’s all there is to it. Two anti-satellite shots, that’s the US record. Harris’s decision to make a unilateral vow to end something the US wasn’t doing in the first place was insane.

Putin and Xi are making fun of her. China isn’t interested in weapons control. It intends to control space. On Tuesday, China retaliated by asking UN members to visit its space station and filling the People’s Daily with photos of the three Chinese astronauts who had returned to Earth on April 13.

I doubt that responsible space behavior is high on Putin’s priority list in Russia. In addition, on November 15, 2021, Russia blew up a spacecraft in orbit.

The White House’s attempt to turn Harris into a worldwide space ambassador is another symptom of the administration’s foreign policy implosion.

She’s only done one thing: enrage members of Congress who are experts on space policy. Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado said Harris’ proposal was unneeded, while Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers said it does nothing to dissuade our adversaries.

The National Space Council is led by Harris, who serves as Vice President. She’s the top dog in terms of US space policy.

The importance of space cannot be overstated. The loss of the US Air Force’s Global Positioning Satellites would cost the US at least $1 billion every day.

Unfortunately, Russia and China are unconcerned. In November, Russia spewed 1,500 bits of space debris into orbit, joining China’s 2,800 pieces from 2007. Like China’s ground-based laser zapper, other weapons are available to both countries. On-orbit shenanigans, such as purposeful collisions that knock satellites out of orbit or destroy crucial equipment, are also possible.

Russia and China represent a severe danger to the United States in space. There’s no way Harris can persuade them to alter their views.