Kamala Harris Says America Is Still Bad, Despite Chauvin Verdict

(JustPatriots.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris rarely has a good thing to say about the United States, and that hasn’t changed even after a jury found former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of serial criminal George Floyd.

Responding to the verdict on Tuesday night, Harris told left-wing CNN host Dana Bash that the verdict didn’t change anything – and that the country continues to suffer because of “systemic racism” that she claims has existed for generations.

Does a systemically racist country elect a non-white woman to the office of Vice President?

“I think there needs to be a consequence and accountability for people who break the law. Period,” Harris said.

Ironic, really, given that Harris famously promoted a bail fund for far-left criminal rioters who were responsible for an estimated $2 billion in damage last year alone.

Harris tweeted a link to the “Minnesota Freedom Fund” back in June 2020, and according to a report from the Daily Caller, that same fund helped bail out six men who were accused of domestic violence between June and August.

What was that about believing in “consequence and accountability” for lawbreakers?

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Harris insisted that the guilty verdict still wasn’t enough – despite many believing that the verdict may not have even been the same had it not been for the threat of far-left riots.

“Let’s say there is a guilty verdict on the highest charge, it will not take away the pain of the Floyd family,” she said.

“It will not take away the pain of the communities, all communities, regardless of their color or geographic location, that felt sadness and anger in what they witnessed in that video,” she added, failing to even once recognize the thousands of families impacted by the catastrophic Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that destroyed homes and businesses all across America.

“This verdict is but a piece of it,” Harris continued. “And it will not heal the pain that existed for generations, that has existed for generations among people who have experienced and first-hand witnessed what now a broader public is seeing because of smartphones and the ubiquity of our ability to videotape in real time what is happening in front of our faces. And that is the reality of it.”

Will Vice President Harris ever have a good word to say about her own country?