Kamala Harris Reportedly Panicking After Biden Gave Her Key Role

(JustPatriots.com)- President Joe Biden has given his vice president, Kamala Harris, a lot of responsibility. And apparently, Harris is freaking out about it all.

To the surprise of many, Biden put Harris in charge of responding to the immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border. That puts her front and center of one of the most controversial and pressing issues America is currently facing.

According to some of her staffers, Harris is panicked about the task, too. The staffers say they’re concerned with the blowback Harris could receive politically because of this assignment, as was reported by CNN this week.

Harris hasn’t even visited the southern border since being put in charge of the crisis. She hasn’t even gone as far as holding a simple press conference to speak about the situation.

The only thing she has done, apparently, is set up a meeting with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico to talk about the “root causes” of why people are migrating to the United States in record numbers.

Recently, CNN reported that:

“In the weeks since the president asked her to take charge of immigration in Central America, Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff have sought to make one thing clear: She does not manage the southern border.”

Harris’ staffers are trying to massage the situation, especially with the public, so that her job is viewed as a foreign policy assignment rather than just an assignment at the border. The vice president has big dreams for her political career, and the staffers apparently don’t want her assignments as VP to ultimately undo that future they see.

Don’t forget, Harris ran for president in the 2020 Democratic Party and lost — badly. She even slammed her now boss in the process. So, it’s no surprise that she’s not happy with him, apparently since all she cares about is her own personal gain in politics.

When Biden publicly announced what Harris’ role would be, he said it would be “lead[ing] our diplomatic effort and work[ing] with those nations to accept returnees, and enhance[ing] migration enforcement at their borders.”

The U.S. also has “to deal with the problem here at home, but also to deal with it now in terms of in-country,” Biden said then.

Harris seems uncomfortable and unhappy with the responsibility she has for the southern border crisis, since it appears she’ll get a lot of the flack for what happens there.

In other words, whatever the outcome of the Biden administration’s decisions on the southern border, Harris is the one who will either get the credit, or take the blame. And, as of now, it looks like there’s way more blame than there is credit.

The U.S. is currently housing thousands of minors who were unaccompanied at the border. The facilities that they’re being housed in are run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Many Republicans have attacked Biden’s immigration policy thus far, and Harris is taking heat, too, for doing — well, next to nothing about it.