Kamala Harris Meets With Black Women to Boost Her Flagging Support

(JustPatriots.com)- On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris held a private Zoom meeting with about 20 black women activists, ostensibly to discuss how the Biden administration could unilaterally and unconstitutionally enact the Democrats’ voting legislation by executive order since the bills are dying in Congress.

But that was just the pretense.

The real reason for this meeting, according to Politico, was for Kamala to appeal for support from a segment of the population who doesn’t find her repulsive.

In short, the assembled black women were there to find ways they could help boost Kamala’s public profile and serve as her “ambassadors.”

One of the women who attended this commiseration meeting, Shavon Arline-Bradley, told Politico that Kamala’s failure is not an option. These women can be deployed as Kamala’s ambassadors to the country, promoting her “entire person, the politician, the leader, the wife, the mother.”

In other words, the hit-pieces are starting to get to Kamala, so she ran to a sympathetic group in hopes they will help boost and soften her image.

According to Politico, the talk during Monday’s Zoom meeting “was half-strategic, half-cathartic for the group.” You know, like a bitch session with your girlfriends — a sort of White House version of “Sex in the City.”

Carrie Bradshaw Harris wanted these women to “give it to her straight” and tell her what people are saying about her.

Is she in high school? She’s the Vice President of the United States. She shouldn’t be bothering with what people are saying about her behind her back.

But the women obliged. They told Kamala that she needs to provide more public updates about what’s she is working on.

Yes, please. The more Kamala is in the public, the worse her approval rating gets.

You can read the Politico piece HERE. But here’s the upshot of it:

The constant hit-pieces and her cratering approval are getting to Kamala Harris. She asked these Beltway black women to tell her what she can do to appear more in touch with “everyday American rank and file who may or may not be living Beltway life like we do.”