Kamala Harris Is Using Biden As Her “Meal Ticket”

(JustPatriots.com)- Gloria Romero, a former state senator for the Democratic Party, said that Harris is considering a 2024 presidential bid while “using” President Joe Biden as a “meal ticket.”

When your comrades start disparaging you, you’re in a bad place in your “career.”

The former California Senate majority leader from 2005 to 2008, Romero, said that Joe Biden is Kamala Harris’ path to the presidency. And she sees through Harris when she does her media tours and maintains that Joe Biden will be running in 2024. It’s a strategic calculation that, in effect, keeps the competition at bay.

One political analyst agrees. “She needs to go ahead and keep putting out there for the public and especially potential other opponents that Joe Biden is running, because the longer that people can believe that myth, the more likely it is that no other contender like [Gavin] Newsom or [Pete] Buttigieg or even Hillary Clinton might step into the fray,” they said.

Democrats may be “in a world of pain,” according to Douglas MacKinnon, who wrote a critical article for The Hill, if they don’t “look beyond the present occupants of the White House.”

About two months ago, MacKinnon penned an essay advocating that President Biden replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom with his vice president, Kamala Harris, and then retire to improve the chances of the Democratic Party holding onto the White House in 2024.

MacKinnon said his goal was to “start a conversation about the plausibility of a ticket headed by either Biden or Harris moving forward, even if it was obviously not a strategy that Biden would ever contemplate.”

He said his argument remains: If the Democratic Party doesn’t look beyond the present occupants of the White House when choosing a presidential ticket for 2024, many people, including some liberals, fear it might be in serious trouble.

The idea of internal strife and a likely Democratic ticket shake-up in 2024 has started to gain traction in the mainstream media.

MacKinnon says that Democrats have admitted that they don’t believe Harris or Biden would offer their party the greatest chance in the next election. Furthermore, many fear that Democrats will have difficulties if they attempt to distance themselves from Harris since she is the first woman and person of color to be chosen vice president, marking a unique moment in American history.

With 2024 rapidly approaching, it is becoming more apparent that the Dems may be “stuck” with a Biden/Harris ticket.

There Has to Be a Backup Plan was the subject of an incendiary New York Magazine article published last month. So far, nothing plausible has emerged.