Kamala Harris’ Husband Caught Using 6 Cars & Huge Entourage After Wife Passes $200M Emissions Plan

(JustPatriots.com)- Doug Emhoff, the strange husband of unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris, was recently pictured out taking a walk with a ridiculously large entourage…despite most people having no idea who he is.

Does he really think people would recognize him? Can you, our readers, even picture what he looks like?

Emhoff was seen last Saturday taking a walk in Brentwood, California, with 14 secret service agents and three police officers. There were also six cars following him as we walked through the neighborhood in Los Angeles, wearing sports clothes and Nike running shoes.

And if that wasn’t enough, Emhoff was also with his own personal bodyguard and was…wearing a mask.

Covered for all eventualities, then…

There are multiple reasons why this is strange. First of all, he seemed to have as much security as a president or vice president would – and he’s neither of those. Secondly, his wife recently announced a new $200 million plan from the Department of Energy that would reduce vehicle emissions.

In November, Harris announced that some 25 projects aimed at making cars cleaner and encouraging electric vehicles are being started. Long-haul trucks powered by batteries and green fuel cells are also being developed to transform America’s logistics.

But her husband needs six gas-guzzling cars to protect him going for a walk when nobody would recognize him anyway?

The hypocrisy is more blatant than ever.

See the pictures of Emhoff taking his stroll here.