Kamala Harris Holds Unusual Meeting With World Leader

(JustPatriots.com)- It should be fairly obvious by now that President Joe Biden isn’t really up to the job – that’s why Vice President Kamala Harris has so frequently been tasked with communicating with world leaders. It’s not common for the vice president to take charge with foreign diplomacy, but it’s happened before and it’s happening again.

On Friday, Vice President Harris took charge on meetings with President Moon Jae-in of Soth Korea. President Biden was not even president, and the two made statements to the press.

Meetings between foreign heads of state and the vice president very rarely happen, and let’s be honest, it must have felt like a snub to the leader of South Korea – a key American ally during this time of increased tension with North Korea.

Why isn’t President Biden taking charge on diplomatic matters like this?

Harris and Moon gave short statements to the press and took a few photographs together. And if you look closely at the video of the pair, after they shake hands you may notice Vice President Harris wiping her hand on the back of her pantsuit.

Is that the anti-Asian hate we keep hearing about?

Harris posted a photograph of herself with President Moon on her official Twitter account, describing how they discussed North Korea, global health, and the “root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle.”

It sounded a lot like she was trying to make a point about her work tackling the southern border crisis…but perhaps her time is better spent actually going to the border and seeing the influx for herself.

Harris is only expected to take her first trip to examine the border issues in June. She’ll be visiting Mexico and Guatemala to talk about how the United States can assist the countries in stopping people wanting to leave…but there are no scheduled trips to the border.