Kamala Harris Focuses On Worldle As Border Issues Mount

(JustPatriots.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris takes time out of her busy schedule to answer questions about Wordle. At the same time, officials are preparing for a significant flood of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border.
Over a year ago, Harris was charged with tackling the “root causes” of illegal immigration. She was widely chastised for failing to visit the already overburdened border facilities for weeks after taking on the job.
The Biden administration’s decision to allow Title 42 immigration restrictions to expire might exacerbate an already dire situation since officials will no longer be able to turn illegal immigrants away at the border owing to fears about COVID-19’s spread.
Officials predict illegal border crossings to surge after Title 42 is repealed, with daily numbers projected to approach or even surpass 18,000 per day.

Despite her concerns about the predicted rise, Harris has spoken little publicly on the border — or any other significant policy issue — recently. She did, however, find time to chat with The Ringer about the famous New York Times daily word game right before Easter.

The newspaper reached out to Harris after learning she was addicted to the game at a recent Democratic National Committee (DNC) event.
The Ringer reached out to Harris, who revealed her method — she starts with the same word every day — and a few other details about her word-game habits.
“I think you need a good balance of consonants and vowels, and a lot of things start with an S,” Harris explained, adding that the word she starts each day with is “notes.”
She went on to say that other word games were her go-to distractions when she was having problems going asleep. The New York Times crossword is her evening habit. Sudoku is her favorite. Wordle is her brain cleanser.
Kamala explained that it’s the midst of a long day with back-to-back meetings on various essential topics; if she has a break, perhaps because folks are running late or because she only has 25 minutes for lunch, she’ll occasionally figure out Wordle while she’s eating.
She thinks Wordle’s design is brilliant. Five letters, but only one word every day.
“It’s very brilliant. Because, you know, there have been a few other games throughout the years where you might become addicted and end up wasting a lot of time,” Harris said.
Harris lamented that she couldn’t share her results since her phone wouldn’t let her show her scores.