Kamala Harris Dunks On America’s Conditions After Biden Claimed Everything Is Better

(JustPatriots.com)- On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris dismissed some of the criticism directed towards President Joe Biden and comments he made during his first State of the Union address, claiming for some reason that the president did a “spectacular job” in his speech.

Let’s be honest here. Vice President Harris doesn’t think that Biden did a spectacular job and we know that just from looking at her face throughout the speech. Every time the president stumbled or got confused, she looked mortified. To her left, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was literally grinning ear-to-ear and rubbing her hands like an excited child, seemingly oblivious to the mistakes Biden made.

Harris even mouthed the word “Ukrainian” when Biden said “Iranian,” instead, so we know that she knows Biden made mistakes.

But despite that, Harris told Good Morning American anchor George Stephanopoulos that he thinks the president did a good job of “trying to appeal to American leaders, regardless of party affiliation, to come together in a unified way.”

How can these leaders come together in a unified way when the Democrats are trying to pass amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens – who will become permanent Democrat voters – and even federalizing election laws?

“That’s how we continue to make our country strong,” she told the show.

Harris also had something to say about the official response to his speech from the Republican Party, which was delivered by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds this year. Harris said that Reynolds’ concerns about the state of the economy and trouble overseas were overshadowed by the great advances made by the Biden administration.

“We’re now one year into his presidency and instead of moving America forward, it feels like President Biden and his party have sent us back in time – to the late 70s and early 80s. When runaway inflation was hammering families, a violent crime wave was crashing our cities and the Soviet Army was trying to redraw the world map,” Reynolds said in her response.

Harris doesn’t have a real answer to that, of course – but she’ll still continue backing up the president because she knows her political career in the Democratic Party depends on it.

Harris knows the Biden administration’s first year hasn’t gone at all well, right?