Justice Thomas Says A SCOTUS Nominee Should Avoid Doing This

(JustPatriots.com)- Clarence Thomas sat down recently for an interview with author Michael Pack. Pack co-authored the book “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” with  Mark Paoletta.


Pack started the interview with observation rather than a question. He said Roe v. Wade was a significant motivator for the Democrats to oppose Thomas. They questioned that extensively and in many ways.

Thomas said he believed it was crucial to many things. It was undoubtedly a significant factor in many women’s groups’ opposition. Ironic, in his opinion, that everything they’ve reduced it to was something that wasn’t even an issue in his life despite all the years of preparation, traveling through Georgia, and hurdles. He didn’t even give it much thought, but because it’s so essential to them, it will dominate his life. Because the issue is so valuable, they will destroy the meager existence he managed to put together.

What he came to realize—and should have understood better— was that he truly didn’t matter, and neither did his life. What people desired mattered, and this specific issue was what they expected. And until he accepted that two plus two equaled five, everything he had done with his life—where he had gone, everything he had lived—was nullified.

Pack noted that the Democrats tried for a long time to get Thomas to say how he would rule on abortion, but he refused to say.

Thomas said he was ignorant, but he had just read over each case again. Since law school, he had not read those privacy-related cases nor given substantive due process much thought. When Roe was decided in 1973, he had been studying constitutional law in 1972. The racial issues piqued his curiosity more. He was more focused on graduating from law school. He was more focused on getting through the bar exam. His focus was on staying alive. He was unable to pay my rent. He failed to pay back his student loans. He was navigating other things that he had going on.

Thomas said that the people who cared most about the issue believed this should have been of concern to everyone. He hadn’t given it much thought. He gave it some general attention, but not because he had read Griswold or Roe. It wasn’t a problem he had, and he didn’t understand why they believed it should be his problem or how he should perceive it.

Pack asked if the Democrats simply wouldn’t accept that you hadn’t discussed it.

Thomas said they refused to believe lots of things. He said they wanted him to talk about it, so he had to do just that. It brings up their prior conceptions of affirmative action. He said that they thought he should believe in affirmative action, so he must believe in abortion too. He asked how it differs from slavery, and what distinguishes that from segregation?

Thomas said that according to the left, you’re not allowed to have those thoughts.

Read the interview HERE.