JUST IN: U.S. Issues URGENT Message Regarding China.

(JustPatriots.com)- After an out-of-control Chinese rocket landed in the Indian Ocean, NASA slammed the country for failing to meet important spacefaring standards.

The Long March 5B rocked landed near the Maldives early on Sunday, with sightings of the rocket being reported in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Jordan.

Nasa’s Administrator, Sen. Bill Nelson, issued a statement claiming China is “failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris.”

No kidding. Nobody even knew where the rocket was going to land until the weekend, with speculation rife throughout last week that the rocket could have easily landed in an inhabited part of the Americas.

Sen. Nelson added that all spacefaring nations must be completely transparent about their operations that involve the re-entry of objects from space. All nations, Nelson said, must take steps to minimize the risk to property and people here on Earth.

“It is critical that China and all spacefaring nations and commercial entities act responsibly and transparently in space to ensure the safety, stability, security, and long-term sustainability of outer space activities,” he continued.

Responsibly and transparently? If we’ve learned anything about China during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that its government isn’t exactly responsible or transparent.

The rocket could be seen re-entering the atmosphere, with video footage shared online showing it glowing in the sky.

The Chinese Long March 5B rocket was launched to carry the main module of the new Chinese space station. It was launched on April 29 and was approximately 100-feet long.

The out-of-control rocket was one of the biggest pieces of space debris to ever fall back to earth.