Jury Convicts Jan 6 Rioter Of 6 Charges

(JustPatriots.com)- A Pennsylvania woman who joined a mob in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office suite on January 6, 2021, was found guilty of hindering Capitol police officers attempting to defend the building.

Reports show Riley Williams, 23, was found guilty after three days of deliberation on six offenses, including two felonies. Participation in a civil disturbance and obstruction of officers attempting to clear the Capitol Rotunda. However, the jury could not unanimously decide on two of the case’s central charges. One, whether Williams aided and abetted the laptop theft from Pelosi’s office. And the other, the obstruction of Congress’ Jan. 6 proceeding. A felony carrying a maximum 20-year sentence.

Now, prosecutors must determine whether or not to retry Williams on the two pending allegations. Her punishment will be handed out in February.

Reports show Williams was promptly remanded to federal prison by U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who agreed with prosecutors that she posed a flight risk if freed until punishment. After January 6, Jackson claimed that Williams was packed and ready to depart and had a sophisticated awareness of how to cover her tracks. Jackson stated that Williams’ behavior toward officers on January 6 damaged the judge’s faith in her capacity to comply with court requirements while on release. Prosecutors observed that Williams’ efforts to remove messages and conceal her behavior would likely increase her sentence.

Jackson claimed Williams used profanity, she was annoying, and she was threatening.  She organized others to resist by force.

Gee, she sounds a lot like an FBI asset.

According to reports, the verdict concludes a chapter in the investigation conducted by the Justice Department on January 6th. Williams was among the first people to be charged and arrested for breaching the Capitol, and she is the first to be convicted of breaking into Pelosi’s office. She is also the first woman to be convicted of crimes related to January 6 by a federal jury.

If January 6 was as horrific as the left makes it out to be, why aren’t these trials public?