Judge Under Fire For Reversing Guilty Verdict Of Alleged Rapist

(JustPatriots.com)- Judge Robert Robert Adrian of the Illinoi’s Adams County Circuit Court caused controversy on January 3 when he reversed the guilty verdict of a teenage who was accused of rape. The judge argued that the five months he had already spent in prison awaiting trial as a “just sentence.”

18-year-old Drew Clinton was found guilty of one count of criminal sexual assault after he allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl at a party in 2021. Prosecutors said that he held a pillow over the young girl’s face before she woke up being sexually assaulted. The girl had apparently passed out, which is when Clinton decided to sexually assault her.

Drew Shnack, the attorney representing Clinton, said that his client should not have been found guilty as the burden of proof was not met. He said that the only evidence for the sexual assault was the girl saying that she didn’t remember what happened or didn’t know.

While it’s hard to know what happened, the court found Clinton guilty and the judge also told the victim that she put herself in a bad situation by attending the party and consuming alcohol while underage.

“This is what happens when parents do not exercise their parental responsibilities, when we have people, adults, having parties for teenagers, and they allow coeds and female people to swim in their underwear in their swimming pool,” he said.

It is pretty insane that parents would allow this to happen.

The judge added that the young people swimming in their underwear is not the same as swimming in swimming suits and that the adults at the event should not have allowed a 16-year-old to bring liquor to the party.

The father of the victim claimed that while the judge may not have meant what he said in the way that he said it, many people interpreted the judge’s comments as “It’s your fault.”

What do you think? Should young men be prosecuted when the burden of proof isn’t met? Should 16-year-olds be allowed to swim in their underwear at parties? And is five months in jail the right sentence?