Judge Says Giuliani Is Liable for Defaming Georgia Election Workers

As the United States remains embroiled in a heated cultural “cold” war for control of the nation’s political, fiscal and social institutions, the country remains as polarized as ever. While the 2020 election and all its chaos happened nearly three years ago, the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and some of his allies continue to make the election a center-front issue while spouting rhetoric in the present day. The former 45th president of America now faces four criminal indictments with two centered around the 2020 election and its aftermath (January 6th). No American president in history has faced charges to the extent Trump has. Despite them, the American business mogul from New York City and his colleagues remain emboldened, denying any wrongdoing and continuing to claim that the last presidential election was stolen.

One of Trumps acquaintances, another New York City native and a long-time political figure in the largest city in the nation, Rudy Guiliani, has been told by a judge that he is liable in a defamation lawsuit regarding two Georgia election workers involved in the administration of the state’s election in 2020. On Wednesday August 30th, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell wrote a 57 page ruling which stated that Guiliani had violated the judge’s orders to produce evidence claiming they acted in a fraudulent manner in 2020. Guiliani had spent weeks following the election making accusations against Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, alleging the two manipulated ballots during the vote-counting process. Investigations proved the claim to be incorrect, and after Guiliani could not produce evidence proving the claims, the judge entered a “default” ruling against him.

The case will go to trial where a jury will determine how much Guiliani must pay to the two individuals. While Donald Trump enjoys a lead of over 30 points in the Republican presidential primary polls, he should be wary of continuing to make claims of fraud in the 2020 election.