Judge Rules Children Can Buy This Explicit Book

(JustPatriots.com)- A Virginia judge has ruled that children are allowed to buy sexually explicit books in a recent court case filed by ex-2nd District GOP Primary candidate Tommy Altman against Barnes and Noble, according to National File. Judge Pamela Baskervil dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that Virginia’s obscenity laws cannot be applied to the sales the books of “Gender Queer” and “A Court of Mist and Fury” under constitutional due process.

Attorney Tim Anderson, who is a GOP delegate in the state’s legislature, took the case to court and argued that there should be a higher obscenity standard for children, but the judge ultimately ruled that the court cannot set those standards for the state. Altman and Anderson previously sought a restraining order on the sale of obscene books but withdrew their request ahead of the hearing.

The part of the case that targeted the “Gender Queer” book in Virginia Beach Schools was deemed “moot” because parents had already successfully gotten the book removed from Virginia’s library shelves.

National File reports that Altman’s case was a distraction from establishment pick Jen Kiggans’ pro-trans legislative record. According to Anderson, Altman is reviewing his appeal options.

Trump-aligned candidate Jarome Bell called Altman’s court case a futile political stunt, arguing that Altman is only doing this for the credibility.

“In my opinion, Tommy’s lawsuit was totally politically motivated,” Bell told National File. “For a person who has never been inside the school board administration building, nor ever spoken to the school board at a meeting, like many of us have, the timing of the lawsuit, I believe, was to gain some street cred for primary votes.”

“Going after these child pornography grooming books, to have them removed in public schools because our tax dollars pay for them is one thing,” Bell explained, “however going after them in bookstores was futile from the beginning.”

Virginia has had issues with sexually explicit books and material in the last couple years. A Loudon County public school in Virginia covered up an incident last year where an alleged “gender-fluid” boy went into the girls’ restroom and sexually assaulted a ninth grade girl. The school, committed to gender ideology, covered up the incident before the father of the girl was arrested for speaking out. This came after sexually explicit books were allowed in the school’s library. Attorney General Merrick Garland who leads the Justice Department then issued a memo suggesting parents were a threat to school board members.