Judge Denies Parler’s Request To Force Amazon To Reinstate Website Services

(JustPatriots)- Bad news for conservatives who enjoy the free exchange of ideas online…a judge just ruled that Amazon does not need to reinstate its web services to free speech social media platform Parler.

It comes after the tech giant banned Parler from using its Amazon Web Services servers on January 9, following false claims that the app was being used to facilitate violence. Amazon claimed that Parler had seen a “steady increase” of “violent content” published on the platform, despite Parler having a strict policy in place against the promotion of violence or sharing of illegal messages and content.

Parler CEO John Matze filed a lawsuit against Amazon just days after, arguing that the tech industry had colluded to get the app out of the way and make it easier for big platforms like Twitter to dominate social media.

And he had a point, too. Not only had Amazon removed the app’s server access, but Google and Apple previously removed the app from their app stores. The removal of web services was a fatal blow that stopped users from even being able to log in via a web browser.

On Thursday, United States District Court Judge Barbara Rothstein said that Parler was not entitled to an injunction that would force Amazon to reinstate its web server access because they had not proven they were likely to succeed in the case against Amazon.

Which, sadly, appears to be the case.

“The likelihood of Parler prevailing on its claims is not a close call,” the judge said. “Parler’s allegations at this time are both inaccurate and unsupported, and are disputed by evidence submitted by Amazon.”

Amazon argues that they had given Parler ample warning before removing web server access, but the issue goes beyond contract and to a fundamental question of whether it is right for Big Tech to dominate the industry in such a way that smaller companies cannot even exist or operate their own alternative platforms.

“Parler has failed to do more than raise the specter of preferential treatment of Twitter by Amazon,” the judge added. “Parler and Twitter are not similarly situated, because Amazon does not provide online hosting services to Twitter.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rothstein is a Democrat-appointed judge, having been nominated to the court in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter.

CEO Matze has promised that Parler will soon return, but without Amazon’s web services, it is an increasingly difficult task to pull off.