Juan Williams Says GOP Preparing To Steal Elections!

(JustPatriots.com)- Controversial left-wing TV personality Juan Williams used an opinion piece in The Hill this week to make the inaccurate and unsubstantiated claim that Republican members of Congress are preparing to steal elections in the future. He suggested that Republican members of Congress who question the Democrats’ narrative on the January 6 riot – which he believes was an insurrection inspired by former President Donald Trump – constitute a “pretext” for future elections to be stolen.

The former co-host of “The Five,” who recently left the show, wrote that the GOP is “preparing the ground” to steal an election, and provided zero evidence to back up the claim.

Instead, he broke down his crackpot theory into steps.

Step one, he said, is not mentioning January 6, and if it comes up, Republicans are calling the riot a “tourist visit.” He claimed that Republicans were trying to prevent a bipartisan commission to look into the origins of the riot, but he didn’t acknowledge that investigations have already occurred, that the commission would not be bipartisan, and that the Democrats refused a deal to investigate the January 6 riots if the origins of the BLM riots could be investigated by the same commission.

Step two, he claims, is changing election laws in states where the GOP has a majority in the legislature. He claimed, wrongly, that new laws in Georgia would “take power away from independent election boards,” and refused to acknowledge that new election laws are actually focused on ensuring only U.S. citizens vote, and only cast a single vote.

Finally, he wrongly claimed that Republicans are suppressing the votes of people who are unlikely to vote for the GOP, including young people, college-educated white people, poor people, union members, Blacks, Latinos, and Asian.

How racist is this guy? People of all races vote Republican, and in increasing numbers.

He must be terrified that the Democrats’ election-stealing schemes are being exposed by Republican legislators nationwide…