Journalists Have Stopped Being “Fair And Balanced” In America

( A report by David Rutz and Brian Flood published by Fox News claims that more journalists than ever are embracing their bias and dismissing the idea of “fairness” in this new era of media. It’s an astute observation that, if true, means that the United States is heading towards more partisanship and bitter rivalry among politicians and not towards a future of honest, fair, and transparent media coverage.

The report claims that a growing number of prominent journalists have done away with the “once-bedrock principles like fairness and objectivity” and are embracing bias. It suggests that the idea of objectivity has been brushed off as outdated following the Donald Trump era, which “rocked” American politics and the media establishment.

It explains how Yamiche Alcindor of PBS and Jim Acosta of CNN are good examples of how mainstream journalists are becoming more partisan and bias, describing the pair as “heroes to the left” for being antagonistic towards President Donald Trump.

And perhaps the most disturbing example given in the report is Lester Holt on NBC, who accepted the Edward R. Murrow Award and described fairness as “overrated.”

I the clip below, you’ll even see Holt say that it is not necessary for the media to “always give two sides equal weight and merit.”

You know, because the media knows better than you…

The report also uses White House reporter April Ryan who said in August that she has not been as “diplomatic” with President Donald Trump as she was with other presidents, claiming that Trump’s behavior was a good excuse not to be impartial.

“See if you can SURVIVE what I’ve been through & maintain your objectivity,” she said.

The era of impartial journalism is truly over.

You can read the shocking report here.