Josh Hawley Sent Cease And Desist By Politico Over Photo

( Remember the iconic photo from January 6, 2021, where Missouri Senator Josh Hawley strides outside of the Capitol holding his fist in the air in greeting to the assembled protesters?

Well, Politico is none too happy that Senator Hawley has been using that photo on his campaign merchandise. In February, Hawley’s reelection campaign released coffee mugs featuring that iconic photo with the words “Show Me Strong.”

Politico is miffed because the outlet never gave Hawley’s campaign permission to use the photo taken by E&E News photographer Francis Chung. E&E News was purchased by Politico last December.

According to a spokesperson from Politico, the Hawley campaign has been “put on notice by legal counsel” and Politico is awaiting a response from the campaign. In the meantime, Politico is demanding Hawley’s campaign “immediately cease and desist” its “unauthorized use of the image.”

Kyle Plotkin, a spokesman for the Hawley campaign told E&E News that the campaign had received no correspondence from Politico or anybody else for that matter. Plotkin said the campaign was “in full compliance with the law.”

Plotkin also wanted Politico to send copies of any cease and desist letters the outlet has sent to all the left-wing groups who have also used that iconic photo of Hawley.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that no left-wing group who has used that image of Hawley to portray him as an “insurrectionist” who was egging on the rioters ever got a cease and desist letter from Politico or its attorneys.

And that’s probably the point.

Politico is bothered because, by turning the tables and using the picture himself, Hawley is destroying the narrative the corporate news media created about that photo.

Rather than run away from it, Hawley embraced it. And by doing so, he neutralized the narrative.

It’s smart politics.

Of course, the left still complained. After the mugs went on sale, the usual suspects accused Hawley of selling mugs promoting the so-called “insurrection.”

Then again, those guys will never let go of that narrative.