Jon Stewart Falsely Claims Trump Is Planning A “Military Coup”

( If you do the math, Jon Stewart makes a boatload of money for each person who watches his failed Apple TV program. One wonders if Stewart is simply flailing and trying to drum up viewership by spouting outrageous rumors about Donald Trump’s “planned military coup.”

Stewart seemed to be gushing over the far-left January 6 Committee, which has been discredited and dishonored. He continued by expressing his satisfaction at how much work it takes someone like former President Trump to “undermine a strong democracy.”

The comedian said that It’s remarkable to see how many meetings need to be held before autocrats can seize power.

“You know, absent a military coup, which they were also, I think laying the groundwork for, it’s amazing to me how many f**king meetings, you know, ah, autocrats need to take over,” Stewart said.

The left continuously characterizes the events of Jan 6 as a coup but “absent the military.”

Was it actually a coup, militarily or not?

One would think the incident was too chaotic, irrational, and poorly thought out to qualify as a genuine, serious coup attempt. One could see that the whole endeavor, from its inception to its conclusion, was a farce rather than a well-planned conspiracy with a genuine prospect of success. Did any of the rioters really believe they were working toward having Trump remain in power?

Stewart is correct in that our institutions stood firm, the Constitution was unaffected, and the rule of law finally won. There were no tanks in the streets, no military force seizing power, no junta of generals making political pronouncements, and Trump was not going to be President at day’s end. Nor was Mike Pence going to be hung.

There weren’t even any punches thrown across the aisle. The “coup” seemed like the right’s version of Occupy Wall Street- the attempt by the left to shut down Wall Street.

As coups go, Jan 6 wasn’t even close, despite what Jon Stewart says.