John Lennon Letter Says Paul McCartney Faked His Public Persona

( Last week, a 1971 letter from former Beatle John Lennon to his former bandmate Paul McCartney sold in auction for $70,000 after a bidding war that lasted nearly three weeks.

According to TMZ, in the profanity-laced letter, addressed to Paul, his wife Linda, and “the wee McCartneys,” Lennon discusses legal and financial letters, accusing McCartney of trying to get bandmates George Harrison and Ringo Starr to turn against Lennon in the legal battles over royalties and ownership of Apple Records.

Lennon also slammed McCartney for criticizing his album “Imagine” while attacking McCartney’s politics. He also took umbrage with McCartney suggesting the two of them meet without Linda or Yoko present, arguing that Paul should know by now that he is “JOHNANDYOKO.”

John sent the letter just days after an interview with Paul was published in “Melody Maker” magazine in which McCartney was critical of the Beatles and John specifically.

Lennon accused McCartney of being ungrateful for all the money he was making from the Beatles.

In a handwritten note at the top of the letter, Lennon asks “Melody Maker” editor Richard Williams to publish the contents of the letter to give him “equal time.”

“Melody Maker” complied. In the December 4, 1971 issue, the magazine published the letter with some edits.

Gottahaverockandroll Auction House, which handled the sale, had anticipated the original letter would sell for around $40,000. Ultimately, the winning bid was $56,000 plus the additional $14,000 fee for participating in the auction.

Read the letter HERE.