John Kerry Is Using A Jet To Fly To Meeting About The Climate

( John Kerry and his special presidential climate envoy, arrived in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday to participate in the Petersberg Climate Dialogue. Before jetting off again, he will spend the next 24 hours at the exclusive U.N.-sponsored event.

The US Department of State confirmed Kerry’s participation.

They said that Secretary Kerry would also meet with government counterparts, which will help accelerate global collaboration on the climate problem and the transition to renewable energy.

Little is known regarding the meeting’s attendees, agenda, or conclusions will be considered. There will be no admittance for the general public or journalists.

In an earlier press release confirming the meeting, the U.N. simply stated that the plan also contains a long-standing demand of many governments severely affected by the climate crisis. They will receive financial help to cope with damage and losses related to climate change.

The plan for the COP27 World Climate Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, is being finalized at a conference of 40 governments (7-18 November 2022).

Additionally, it will advocate for the adoption of a requirement that, starting in 2023, industrialized nations contribute USD 100 billion a year to fund climate initiatives in less developed nations of the Global South.

The “czar” for climate change, Kerry, is not new to accusations of hypocrisy and isn’t opposed to traveling nonstop to urge people to reduce their carbon impact.

In 2010, it was discovered that then-Sen. Kerry (D-MA) had anchored his boat in Rhode Island to avoid paying around $500,000 in taxes in his own Massachusetts.

After the Biden administration vowed to end the use of fossil fuels, Kerry was questioned on the administration’s message for those employed in the oil and gas sector last year. He claimed they would discover “better options” and different employment opportunities, such as making solar panels.

Additionally, he acknowledged that even if the United States reached “zero” emissions, the issue of climate change would not be resolved because other nations produce the great bulk of emissions.

John Kerry’s private jet spewed an estimated 30 times more carbon in 2021 than the average person’s car.