John Kerry Is Seeking To Quit The White House

( John Kerry, the climate envoy for President Joe Biden whose comments have clashed with his boss’ in recent weeks, is considering departing from the Biden administration.

According to a report published by Axios recently, Kerry has no interest in defending the green agenda he’s put forth to a Senate or House that’s controlled by the Republican Party — and he believes that’s exactly what would happen should the GOP retake control of either chamber of Congress.

In addition, the Axios report said that Kerry is interested in returning to the private sector, where he could earn a lot more money than he is now.

As the climate envoy isn’t an official cabinet position, Kerry didn’t have to go through the typical Senate confirmation process. That means that he wouldn’t be held to the same standards of some of the other Biden administration officials, all who may face the wrath of Republicans following the midterm elections.

Axios reported that Kerry doesn’t want to remain on board should this happen, as he doesn’t want to be questioned about the climate negotiations he conducted with China, nor the fact that his family has a private jet.

The media outlet expanded on that as well, saying Kerry is interested in building his net worth — which is already quite substantial — by re-entering private industry. It’s why he apparently has plans to vacate his position after the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will be held this month in Egypt.

For now, though, Kerry has said nothing publicly about wanting to step down. In fact, a spokesperson for the climate envoy told Axios for their story:

“I can’t stress enough: Secretary Kerry has no plans to depart, and his sole focus is on COP27, period, and anything else is baseless speculation.”

Back in November of 2021, Biden decided to appoint Kerry to the position of U.S. climate envoy. It was done so Kerry would push the president’s agenda of reaching “net-zero” emissions to countries around the world.

On multiple occasions, Kerry has publicly called for corporations and nations to ramp up their investments in green energy, avoid increasing their usage of fossil fuels and take significant and direct action to cut carbon emissions any way possible.

Axios further reported that Kerry has told some of his colleagues believe that he’s done as much as he can to push the environmental agenda internationally and domestically.

While Kerry himself didn’t have to be confirmed for his position, his replacement would have to, should he step down. That’s because all presidential envoys are forced to be confirmed through the Senate like other Cabinet positions.

This could prove to be quite the difficult task for Biden to accomplish should Republicans re-take control of the Senate after the midterm elections next week.

And even if Kerry does step away from his role as the president’s climate envoy, GOP leaders in the House or Senate could still try to target him as a witness in investigations they pursue if they get in control.