John Kerry Interview Has Disturbing Detail

Even in a gushing profile of the ex-White House press secretary published in February, The New York Times expressed some ambivalence about MSNBC awarding Jen Psaki a program on the network.

According to the report, she would host an hour-long show on a network that is friendly to Biden, where she would have human-interest stories about athletes and celebrities and political discussions with politicians.

Psaki told the Times that although she wouldn’t attack Biden on her program, she wouldn’t be a mouthpiece for him.

In Psaki’s first interview with Biden’s Climate Czar, John Kerry, the two hugged to start the interview and ate ice cream on the National Mall in Washington. 

Kerry was present for a discussion on the impact of climate change and the steps he has taken to regain credibility on the issue since Trump took office.

Regarding regaining trust, Kerry said they had come a long way. But a great deal of effort is still required. We are not moving fast enough, wide enough, or on a large enough scale to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

John Kerry was threatened with a subpoena in a letter issued Tuesday by Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer. Comer is upset that Kerry’s office has not provided the requested records to the House Oversight Committee.

In a press release, the House Oversight Committee stated that Secretary of State John Kerry has continued to develop deals with other countries, such as the Chinese Communist Party, that could potentially undermine U.S. interests. The Biden Administration refuses to reply to Committee demands for information on Kerry’s powerful, unchecked position.

In February, the committee demanded that Kerry provide details on his talks with China.  

Envoy Kerry has been participating in activities that circumvent congressional authority, endangering foreign policy under the pretense of climate promotion.  Kerry and his staff are dishonest with the Committee and the American public about their work, budget, and personnel.