John Fetterman Photo Includes Mostly… His Wife

( John Fetterman, who appears to have suffered brain impairment after his major stroke in May, was ‘elected’ to the vacant US Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Video reporting show Fetterman has difficulty forming complete sentences. He needs enormous monitors and a stenographer who types queries in real-time to communicate.

His wife, Gisele Fetterman, has become his shadow, albeit a shorter one, and speaks on his behalf. Last Tuesday, Gisele Fetterman accompanied her husband to Capitol Hill.

Reports show John Fetterman, dressed in a suit, attended a series of key meetings on Capitol Hill. His wife Gisele tweeted a photo of them on Capitol Hill in which her husband was practically cut out.

Social media users contend that Gisele has established herself as the main attraction, while John Fetterman is only along for the ride.

Twitter users ridiculed the snapshot because it appeared to show Mrs. Fetterman as having attained her fifteen minutes of fame.

Due to her husband’s cognitive difficulties, others argued that she had staged the photo to make it appear that she was the real Senate candidate.

According to reports, Mrs. Fetterman released the first image of the senator-elect’s office last Tuesday afternoon. In the snapshot, which featured the Democrat in a suit and tie instead of his typical sweatshirt and shorts, the couple stood next to a sign that read “SENATOR-ELECT John Fetterman: Pennsylvania SD -B4OB.”

Some conservatives on Twitter criticized the image, arguing it highlighted Mrs. Fetterman’s obsessive pursuit of political influence for her family, even at the risk of her husband’s health.

Others noted that Mr. Fetterman is partially cropped out of the shot, which suggests that his wife is attempting to be the focal point.

David Reaboi, a Fellow of the Claremont Institute, tweeted the image and a second one depicting her and her husband mingling with other Pennsylvania senators. In the second photograph, Mr. Fetterman’s head was cropped in half.

Reaboi noted that he’d never seen such passive-aggressive and contemptuous photo cropping before.