John Bolton Is Officially Running For President In 2024

( Former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who worked under then-President Trump, confirmed that if there is no serious challenge to Donald Trump in the bid for the presidency, he will throw his hat in the race, according to Just the News. The bid partially comes to reportedly prevent Trump from becoming president again.

Bolton told “Good Morning Britain” that he was entering the race as a serious candidate and not just as a spoiler for Trump, making it clear that he would not run if he thought he could not win.

“I wouldn’t run as a vanity candidate,” he claimed.

Bolton claimed that Trump’s support is in “terminal decline,” and said that he would challenge the president over his previous comments about overturning the Constitution and the 2020 election. His run would officially come if he has not seen any Republicans going after the former president.

Trump has previously called the one-time U.S. ambassador to the United Nations a “liar,” “dope” and “a disgruntled boring fool.” The two reportedly were in conflict over North Korea and Afghanistan resulting in Trump firing Bolton in September 2019.

Bolton is arguing that he can win with a tough foreign policy, suggesting that that would give him an upper hand. He mentioned letting countries like Russia and China know that “unprovoked aggression…is not something the United States and its allies will tolerate.”

In a show of support for the humiliated 44-day prime minister, Bolton said that Liz Truss’ economic policies “seemed to me to be perfectly sensible.” Truss’ short month in office saw rising mortgage rates, a declining pound, and a volatile bond market which were reportedly set in motion by her proposal to do away with the country’s 45% tax rate on high-income earners. Another proposal to cap energy bills would have cost around $116 billion in taxpayer pounds.