Joe Rogan’s Phone Call With Dona White Revealed

( Dana White, the president of UFC and a long-time friend of former President Donald Trump, has revealed that when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 his first port of call was…Joe Rogan.


Speaking on the Jim Rome Podcast last Wednesday, the UFC president described how he was diagnosed with a breakthrough infection of COVID-19 over Thanksgiving. He and the rest of his family contracted the virus while they were celebrating the holidays together in Maine, saying that somebody at their gathering had it and everybody tested positive after they got home.

“Literally the whole family and my family up in Maine, too,” he said.

At 52 years old, White is more vulnerable than younger people, but still not in the age bracket where COVID-19 is of the biggest concern.

He told the podcast that he realized he may be sick when he got into a sauna, sprayed the eucalyptus oil, and couldn’t smell anything. He then opened the bottle to sniff it and realized that he had no ability to smell, which is one of the earliest telltale signs of being infected by COVID.

He said that he got out of the stream room, picked up his phone and immediately called podcaster and MMA enthusiast Joe Rogan, who famously took monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin as treatment when he contracted the virus.

Confirming to the podcast that he got the same cocktail of monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, and vitamins that Rogan got, he added that he “could not feel better” after very quickly recovering from the virus.

So it turns out that the “horse paste” works, huh?