Joe Rogan Says ‘People Lost Their ‘F***ing Minds’ Over The Last Two Years With Mask Enforcement

( During his Tuesday podcast, host Joe Rogan summed up the last two years of COVID insanity perfectly: “People lost their f*cking minds.”

Rogan and his guest comedian Tom Papa were talking about people’s insane behavior over mask-wearing.

From the lunatics who lose their minds when they see someone without a mask to the people who insist on wearing a mask while working out, Rogan and Papa hammered them all.

Rogan mentions seeing someone in a jiu-jitsu class breathing hard and sweating up a storm all while wearing a mask, and tells Papa, “It’s the dumbest f*cking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” adding, “People lost their f*cking minds over the last two years.”

The podcaster wrapped up that segment wondering what could be done to get people to “a calm normal” after the last two years.

Short answer, they won’t return to a calm normal.

Instead, the lunatics who lost their minds over COVID are now losing their minds over Russia.

Now, instead of wanting the unvaccinated imprisoned, they want the people who oppose US involvement in the war in Ukraine imprisoned as “traitors.”

Now, instead of telling us “we’re all in this together” about staying home and wearing a mask, they’re telling us “we’re all in this together” about paying more for gas “to defeat a tyrant and save democracy.”

In short, the lunatics who were gripped by moral panic over COVID found a new moral panic to replace the old one.

And when the war in Ukraine is over, another moral panic will emerge and the same lunatics will latch onto it with wild enthusiasm.

Listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Tom Papa HERE.